The Pink Moon Family


Our Team

Get to know the folks who put this fest together!


Seth & Jessica Abramson

Seth founded the Pink Moon Festival in 2009, after 5 years of touring to music festivals and events across the country with his performance art troupe: Rock Camp Productions. 

In 2010 Jessica joined the Rock Camp Productions crew for their performance at All Good Music & Arts Festival. Shortly thereafter she moved to Rock Camp, WV to join Seth on his family farm and produce Pink Moon. It didn't take long for the two to fall in love, and they were married at #pinkmoon4 in 2012. &


Sabrina Hilton

Sabrina has been involved with Pink Moon from the very beginning! If you've been to the fest before, you may remember her from the ticketing gate, where she's diligently devoted her time and energy every year! Seth's best friend, and the local butcher, Sabrina also lives in Rock Camp, WV.


Jacob "The Jake" Shrewsbury

Jacob is our "right-hand-man" at Pink Moon, and he wears many hats within the organization. He has built all four of the stages on our current venue, and also serves as the Site Operations Manager during the festival. He first attended Pink Moon as a patron in 2010, and has returned to help produce the festival every year since!


Ceire Neylan



Richard Riffe

Owner of our venue, Flint Rock Hollow Farm! Rick also helps over see security and site operations at Pink Moon!