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Pink Moon, A History

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September 18-20, 2009
Pinky's Farm, Rock Camp, WV

LINEUP: Sol Creech, The Alliens, The Kind, High Street, Relacksachian, The Homewreckers




September 16-19, 2010
Pinky's Farm, Rock Camp, WV

LINEUP: EOTO, Boombox, The Lee Boys, Sol & Funk Root, DJ Williams Project, the Kind, Telepath, Archnemesis, Yo Mommas Big Fat Booty Band, Kerosene Willy, High Street, DJ RahBee, Boogieburg, J. the Savage Band, Funk Punch, Groova Scape, The Rogan Brothers, Relacksachian, The Materia Project, Roots Revolution, Sam Fochtman & Tobacco Apache, Marionette, Shorefire, Hawomp, Option 22, Triscale, PBR







September 15-18, 2011
Pinky's Farm

LINEUP: Particle, Donna Jean Godchaux Band, Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Sol & Funk Root, The DJ Williams Projekt, Galaxy Dynamite!, Silo Effect, Marionette, The Kind, DJ RahBee, Materia Project, Triscale, The Boatmen, Discordian Society, PBR, Funk Punch, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Soul Stone Overdrive, Catatronic, RTFM, Shak, Urth, Pants for Bears, Groova Scape, Vern's Pot O' Chili, Moonshine Logik, Levi's Gene Pool, The Dirt Road Travelers, Sour Deemsters

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#pinkmoon4: the wedding

September 15-16, 2012
Pinky's Farm, Rock Camp, WV

LINEUP: EOTO, Sol, DJ RahBee (2 nights), Galaxy Dynamite! (2 nights), Silo Effect, the KIND, Another Roadside Attraction, Former Champions, The Southern Belles, Cindercat, Moogatu, The Inflatables, J.WAIL, JANTSEN, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Peoples Blues of Richmond, Groova Scape, Octopus, Oce Illmatic, Slav, General Patton, Gang-gar, Omega, Soulacybin, Christian Critzer, The Shack Band, Parachuter, Moonshine Logik

REVIEW from Appalachian Jamwich

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September 12-15, 2013
Pinky's Farm, Rock Camp, WV

LINEUP: EOTO, The Rumpke Mountain Boys, David Gans, Big SomethingGreenhouse Lounge,  The Former ChampionsPBRThe Shack Band,  OctopusKings of BelmontGalaxy Dynamite!Moogatuthe KIND,  Urth,  Bassdread,  PlaegroundTek SubportDJ RahBeeFunk Punch, Hi Street, The Golden GunsGrass Monkey,  Atoadaso,  Groova ScapeThe Mad AnthonysThe NorthernersThe Good Funk,  Threesound,  M.H. & His Orchestra,  Nice CouchMatt Jones & the BobsMajor and the MonbacksProfessor Marvel,  MegadrivesFractal CatDj DiabeatsSerotonesAarodynamics,  Dr. JektorBeets CollectiveEnvoy

FEATURED ARTISTSSpun Out Fire Productions,  "Bloom Bloom" (an installation by Dana Harper), Sydney Flow-osophy, CrazyredbeardBryan Bailey, Zahra Dabir, Nicholas Daily, Ashton Hill, Matt Walls, Wendi Goodwin, Yoga Classes by Erin Gahan and Mallory Hemerlein, AND.... Area 51 Presents

REVIEW from Appalachian Jamwich



September 11-15, 2014
Pinky's Farm, Rock Camp, WV

LINEUP:  The Heavy Pets , Pigeons Playing Ping Pong , Greenhouse LoungeDELTAnine , TAUKSol Roots, KR-3TelesmaArpetrio, Tiny BoxesFreedom EnterprisePeople's Blues of RichmondTHE SHACK BAND , The Former ChampionsChief Greenbud & Dynamic String BandDj RahBeeDub CampaignDub Architect Octopus,  The Kings of BelmontMoogatu (2 sets), M.H. & His Orchestra (2 sets), Galaxy Dynamite! (2 sets), Toxic Moxie, Deaf Scene, Electric Soul Pandemic , plaegroundBassdreadLITZ,  Infinite Geometry: The Artwork of Andy ReedThe Southern BellesUrthThe NorthernersBats Dynamic String BandJahman BrahmanMateo Monkthe KINDAliver HallTweedSupersylum, The Walking Sticks Matt Jones and the BobsNicky C and the RSBDale and the ZDubsN.A.R.P.ThreesoundAarodynamics, Definition of One,Broccoli SamuraiThe DeemsThat Freak QuincyOutta d'Ark, Buddhagraph SpaceshipTroy & Paula HaagCeltic PandaNeveleAtoka ChaseGNOSiSThe Dharma InitiativeAbstract FamThe Trongone BandSean Petersen ExperimentDigital Davy, Imaginary Sons, RipeJive, Interstellar Soul, Invisible Landscapes, Shogi, Happie Mavis Daze, Mathias, Jenna Lotti, John Church: Vocal Artist at Large


FEATURED ARTISTS: CrazyredbeardCloudybutclear: Art by Bryan BaileyThe Art Of Nicholas DailyHeady Ruxpin, Adam Scott Miller, Infinite Geometry: The artwork of Andy ReedAnnie Kyla Bennett Art, Ashton Hill, Matthew Walls, bRiAN moSs ARt, Courtney Fishback, Megan Sheppard, Brian Kirby, Kayla Arielle, Win Spencer, Lauren Siewertsen, Sami Haislip, Kelsey Graves, Olivia Grubb, Tiffany McIllwain, Mack Johnson, Jessica Vazzano, Katey Sunflower, Chris Speaks, Lizze Lizmatik Mundt, Sharon Dean, Kristina Nicos, Katey Jones, Harrison Crawford, Anadono, Bryan Stacy

Official #pinkmoon6 Recap Video by Mind House Pictures



September 17-21, 2015
Flint Rock Hollow Farm, Rock Camp, WV

LINEUP: THE SHACK BAND, Sol, The Hornitz, Telesma, The Southern Belles, M.H. & His Orchestra, Toxic Moxie (2 sets), Imaginary Sons (2 sets), Atoka Chase, Buddhagraph Spaceship (2 sets), Mister F, Aliver Hall, Aqueous, Deaf Scene, Tweed, Galaxy Dynamite!, Desmond Jones , Mateo Monk Music, The Kings Of Belmont, Dj RahBee, plaeground, LITZ, Dale and the ZDubs (2 sets), Threesound (2 sets) , Bats Dynamic String Band (2 sets), Brokedown Hustlers, Threesound (2 sets) That Freak Quincy, Supersylum, Sean Petersen Experiment, GNOSiS, Seph and TK, Happie Daze, Interstellar Soul, Nevele, Plank Stompers, Suneater, Dalton Dash, Possum Holler Glee Club, The Shadow Girl Sound Collective, Lawless Brown, Spinosa, Nice Couch, CBDB, Little Bird, The Fat Catz, GoldRush, Cutting Agency, Pleasure Train, Call for Fire, Spoon Fight , Rivertown Gypsies, BANDREW, Firecracker Jam, FACESHIP, Lancelott, GIGAnote, Digital Davy, Nicole Wade, Keith Yetter, Liam McGenity, We The People, Giana Lynn, Venus Guytrap, Mathias


FEATURED ARTISTS:  Mystic Sister Studio, Mind House Pictures, Galaxy Mcneill Photography, Heaton Johnson Photography, Anadono, Anthony Gatto, Art by Pottsy, Psychedelic Eyes Photography, Jessica Camilli Art, Allison Nickens, Brook Biro, Haley Warmuth, Sami Hoopslip, Jake Taylor Art, The Universal Language. Art of Lacey Vilandry, Bridgitte Hunn, Taylor Chewning Photography, Patrick Phillips, Todd Sutton Photographer, Nicole Wade, Lauren Kent, Jason Wade



September 14-19, 2016
Flint Rock Hollow Farm, Rock Camp, WV


The Mantras, The Southern Belles, Bath Salt Zombies Band, Glostik Willy, McLovins,The Congress, Deaf Scene, Dale and the ZDubs, Qiet, Sol Roots, Brokedown Hustlers, Mister F, Tropidelic, Vibe & Direct, Yosemight, Tweed, Toxic Moxie x2, Buddhagraph Spaceship x2, Captain Midnight Band x2, The Strange Heat x2, THE SHADOW GIRL SOUND COLLECTIVE x2, Imaginary Sons, Black Masala, Galaxy Dynamite!,  Threesound, Jojo Stella, Tomato Dodgers, Opposite Box, Octopus, Plank Stompers, Kabob-O-Taj, The Duskwhales, Mateo Monk Music, Desmond Jones, Urban Soil, The Schooley Mountain Band, Earphorik, The Bees Trees, Warden, Little Bird, Higher Education, Seph & T.K, the KIND, GNOSiS,  Voodoo Circuit. The Fat Catz, ApplePappy, Shagwüf, Venus Guytrap, The Manor and Friends, Sean Petersen Experiment, Cartoon Weapons, Cutting Agency, The Settlement, DEREK WOODS BAND, The Band Piano., Suneater, Spinosa, DigitalDavy, GIGAnote, Adwela & The Uprising, Headless Robot, Sketchy Pete, Trill Bliss, Giana Lynn, Fractal Cat, Soul Prospect, Marvelous Funkshun, The Folly, Josie McQueen, Noah Munro Lehrman, Dr.Bubbles, EGIA, Rossdafareye, Humbalaya, Esoteric Experience, Circles In Time,  Earth By Train, DJ Foreman: Chicken Master,  The Katalyst, Dj RahBee, HEADLESSMANTIS, More Dope Beats, Leach, Public Disturbance, Skyline Hotel, DJ Vamp, Modest Bob, Poetic Voices

+ Artists at Large: Mike Candela, Mike at the Airport & the IFKYs, T. Paige Dalporto

FEATURED ARTISTS: Artist Gallery curated by Silver Arrow Art // Tinderbox Circus Sideshow //Cydeshow Cy // Hoop Troupe lead by Moonfire Performance Arts &Michaela Perdue Performance Art // IllumIKnation Station Grassroots Education // Phirephamily // Anadono // Ryan Byrd Art // Pottseed Creations// Allison Nickens // Anthony Gatto // Todd Sutton - Photographer // Bubble Art & more by Charles Garratt // Jessica Camilli Art // Jake Taylor Art //Mystic Sister Studio // Tribal Connection Studio // Psychedelic Eyes Photography // Open Mind Glass by Rickie Shaffer // Art by Haley Rebecca// Skyler Askey // Heaton Johnson V Photography // Lace CreationZ //Amber Humston // Third3yesky // Cassie Lier // Tim Armentrout // Elevated Art of James Wallace // Sherri Thompson // Patrick Briney // Christine Fuller // Miranda Farris // Whitty Poo Bear- the art of. // Kaitlyn Schmidt // Allen Armstrong // Galaxy McNeill // Emily Kenny // Incogneato Imagery // Nola Bunny // Lisa Foster Photography // Puddlegrapher Photography // Erin King // Justin Kallis // Cori Whatley // Laura Klein // Astral Napier // Samuel Canterbury // Andy King

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September 14-18, 2017
Flint Rock Hollow Farm, Rock Camp, WV