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Toxic Moxie

Tearing their way up and down the east coast in their rusty blue conversion van, Richmond heartthrobs Toxic Moxie have been winning over diverse audiences of punx, hippies, EDM kids and everyone in between with their instantly accessible brand of Dirty Disco Punk. Whether they are falling asleep face down on your carpet or pressuring you to finish your bottle of whiskey, it’s always a party. But take a moment to reflect on the substance found on their three EP series, and one finds a much deeper well of inspiration that draws from progressive politics and social issues in a context larger than the houses, bars, and clubs that they turn into delirious sweat orgies.


Qiet is the culmination of this wild and wondrous world, infused with every culture on the planet and refined in the mountains of West Virginia. Our songs radiate an undeniable energy, passionate lyrics and humor dark as coal. A balance of high-energy chaos and perfect order, Qiet’s visceral performances will keep you dancing long after the concert’s over. Combining the elegant excesses of 1920’s jazz with the unpredictably of pure punk rock, what results is not just a show -- it is an experience.

Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself

Desmond Jones x2

Desmond Jones is a five-piece funk/rock/jazz fusion band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. With original music written to compliment the group's sound as a whole, the music is centered around melodic guitar riffs, smooth bass lines, funky drum beats, and tasteful saxophone. 

Since 2012 this unique group has played with groups like The Werks, Dopapod, Kung Fu, Marco Benevento, Tauk, The Verve Pipe, Badfish, Here Come the Mummies, The Main Squeeze and many more. The group takes influence from Frank Zappa, The Grateful Dead, Phish, Charles Mingus, The Band, and Led Zeppelin to name a few.

Desmond Jones puts on exciting and high energy shows and is proud to say that each set list and each song is different from show to show. 

Deaf Scene

Deaf Scene is bringing their powerful blend of Post-Rock, Grunge, Progressive Metal, and Jazz-Fusion to the forefront of the Baltimore music scene and on the road across the USA. This ever-evolving instrumental prog-psych three piece has consciously embraced walking a musical road-less-traveled since their inception in 2010. Along the way they have cultivated a dedicated following with their sonically-expansive live performances and their solid studio work. Straddling a gray area between the progressive cacophonies of Tool, ethereal soundscapes of Explosions in the Sky, and the sludgy twinge of Primus, Deaf Scene has forged a sound that is uniquely their own. Dave Fullerton’s effects-laden guitar melodies cascade over thick layers of looped sounds, while Eric Courtney’s intricate bass runs and Brett Schatz’s precise whirlwind of drumming give structure and groove to the chaos. What they're able to accomplish on stage, as a three-piece band with no vocals, often surprises listeners who have never seen Deaf Scene in concert. The band works together beautifully through seamless sets of original songs, intersected by ambient samples and drones, generating “a sound that you would never imagine could come from three dudes” (89.7 WTMD).

Electric Soul Pandemic

Electric Soul Pandemic (ESP) is a quintet from Greensboro, North Carolina that specializes in funk rock fusion and soaring,exploratory jams. Featuring sonic, dual guitars (Jeremy Gamba and Randy Elliott), a howling Moog (Jay Beverly), and the confident backbone of drum and bass (Justin Heter and Greg Eriksen), ESP has formulated their sounds over six years in the vibrant North Carolina “jam” and festival scene. ESP pulls from different moods and genres in creating their recipes and will prove a revelation to both the first-time listener and the established ESP fan.

Mateo Monk

The music of Mateo Monk is beyond classification. It is a synthesis of multiple genres of world roots music, heavily informed by the spontaneous freedom of psychedelic jam culture. Mateo performs solo on the guitar, flute, synth, and melodica, utilizing a looper pedal to create fully-textured rhythms, adorned with virtuosic melodic musings, all seamlessly woven into the song form in real time. It's a modern spin on the iconic idea of the "one man band", executed by a one-of-a-kind artist with deep emotional sensibility and dazzling instrumental finesse. Mateo has been performing for 23 years and has worked with many influential artists, including Thievery Corporation, Jon Kadlecik of Furthur, Junior Marvin of Bob Marley and The Wailers, and members of the legendary reggae group Culture.


Slime Lords from the richmond city sewers, comin' atcha with weirdo rock grooves and sticky icky tunes.

The Fat Catz

By using emotionally driven compositions that rely heavily on improvisation and progressive elements, the Fat Catz are sure to give the audience a show to remember. Bringing forth lush layers of electric orgasm, the Fat Catz create infectious and dance-frenzied atmospheres that are blissfully enigmatic. Whether performing on a street corner or atop a stage, their style leaves ample room for interpretation with no limitations to The Fat Catz’s sound.
This up-and-coming band found its start on New Years Eve 2014 when Ryan Waide and Van Greer Walker performed their first show. The group has since evolved with the additions of Lawrence Nichols and Christian White into what is now The Fat Catz.

Sean Petersen Experiment

Sean Petersen is originally from Chesapeake, Virginia and has been surrounded by musical endeavors all of his life. Starting out on violin and vocals early on, Seans musical interests evolved through the diverse sounds broadcast throughout the family stereo. The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, and Paul Simon were just as likely to be on as Bob Marley, Wu Tang, or STS9. His musical interests have only grown and become more diverse creating Sean's original sound.


A foursome with an affinity for sharp corners and crooked lines, The Shadow Girl Sound Collective begins with a charcoal hologram of a post-jazz, post-hip-hop, pre-apocalyptic world and arrives at off-axis melodies, pulled by the leash of an insatiable groove and delivered with the essential sting of a horn.

The Kind Thieves

A group of six from the heart of Appalachia, The Kind Thieves are unique in the way that they are a chameleon of a musical experience. Transitioning from a bluegrass wildfire to a psychedelic experience, you never know what to expect. Many members being mulit-instrumentalists, the style stays switching up and the jams stay fresh for your listening pleasure! With John Colby Elswick dancing between the banjo, dobro and electric guitar, Cody Perkins choppin’ on the mandolin, Drew Shinhartz slappin’ the bass, Annie Starshine slidin’ around on the fiddle, Archibald Johnson pluckin’ the acoustic and electric guitars, Andrew Brown beatin’ the skins, and special guest and honorary thief Dustin Roberts on auxiliary percussion, this diverse group of musicians from different musical backgrounds and areas creates a distinct fusion that is hard to define with a label.

The Settlement

The Settlement is a funk-fusion jam band from Huntington, WV. The eclectic, electric ensemble was founded in 2014 and typically performs as a sextet. The Settlement cleverly combines rowdy rock riffs, complex jazz harmonies, funky bass lines, creamy pop vocals, jammin' reggae grooves and a multitude of diverse world music influences. Each member has their own unique musical upbringing and everyone contributes to the bands’ vast array of sounds. Each set is different from the last, offering a truly original live performance that thrives on passion, improvisation, communication and creativity. 


Imagine Star Wars, Waynes Wolrd and Spinal Tap had a three way and made a rock n roll baby...Shagwüf is born. Stylistically they are reminiscent of LA's 'X', heavily influenced by Pixies while high kicking towards the punk end of the hard rock spectrum. Shagwüf thrashes with just the right amount of hard blues and psychedelia to invoke early metal pioneers like Sabbath with a slightly twangy, swampy edge that is sure to keep your head banging. “Sally Rose has all the charisma of a rock ‘n’ roll star paired with the grit and charm of an old-fashioned Southern [pin up]. A woman of various musical incarnations (The Sally Rose Band, Lady Stardust) she brings attitude and solid chops to the bass in [Shagwüf]” (Cville Weekly). Along with her sultry vocals and song writing prowess, Sweet Pete Stallings (Lost Indian, Secret Ninja) lends his quirky songwriting along with his signature fuzzed out, lovingly scuzzy guitar tones. The two of them provide a rambunctious chemistry that draws the crowd up close and personal with back bends and sweaty head locks. Ivan Christo (Jaguardini, Pelacanesis), the newest addition to the stoner-metal troupe, throws in trippy, synthetic, phaser-pop infused keys to turn the power trio up to 11. Percussionist Pablo Olivieri (Pablo & The Dregs, The Findells) attacks the drums like a Argentine love child. Pablo's ferocity is compelling with his use of the pink tambo, giant yellow maraca & empty beer bottles. 
Shagwüf's debut EP 'Heavy Petting' is infectious. Although it's hard to pick from an EP full of great riffs, highlights include 'Swamp D' and the slinky rocker 'Cassolette'. Jordan Smith the front man of Diarrhea Planet exclaimed, “Shagwüf is the most exciting and unique band I've seen in years”. 


Long ago, a powerful force rose from the darkest reaches of the desert wasteland planet, Üstéril. Thus The Suneater Clan, children of Ghoulah, Grazer of Galaxies, came into power, conquering any and all in their way with aural abominations screeching forth from their souls. Now they've come to planet Earth to continue their quest of total domination. 

~Ghouler, Mighty Suneater, child of Ghoulah, Grazer of Galaxies.


Singing songs about depression and breakups with a little too much poppy falsetto and nowhere near enough fuzz. Woodgrove came into being, as did the genre ’Paxil Pop,’ after a breakup and a long summer of introspection. After a number of solo shows, Jared Hall (guitar/vox) was joined by Max Holiday (drums), Logan Leverett (guitar), and Jake Wentzel (bass) to move the band forward in a much heavier and all-encompassing direction. While Hall still plays solo shows with the suitcase drum, the full band has become the prime directive for the group. Focusing on a blend of ambience and groove, on polarizing songwriting and introspection, the four-piece is welcoming the chaos that is 2017 by trying their best to play music as a coping mechanism. They are currently in the process of self-producing their debut EP, set to be released in the fall of 2017.


In the far future there is a mighty and just warlord, KING JOSHUA LEACH, who is the benevolent ruler of all the lands. One day He looked through his kaleidoscope into the time that was, or the present day as you know it, and was displeased with the world. He gathered his mighty sons and said unto them: "GO FORTH INTO THE PAST MY SONS, AND PREACHED THE AWESOMENESS OF THE WAYS OF LEACH. CHANGE THE WAY THESE HEATHENS TREAT EACH OTHER THROUGH THE POWER OF ROCK'N'ROLL.

And so, they traveled back to the Land Before Leach and begun their holy work.


When first drawing from the inspirational well in 2005, members of Norfolk, VA's rock/jam band staple "Octopus" knew they were bringing something sweet to their lips. Their obvious range of influences from the Allman Brothers to Zappa aside, Octopus' unique blend of rock and roll survived a changing lineup that helped hone and solidify the quartet's sound. What remains are guitarist Kyle Hills' hard-rocking leads laying over the wailing tones of Alfred Evans' vintage Hammond B3 organ, their grooves are held down by Kevin Johnson on bass and Anthony Lamonaco delivering hard hitting performances on the drum kit. Always an ever-energetic ride, Octopus has been packing local venues for half a decade, some with marathon performances of their poignant songwriting and improvisation, always brought in a genuinely fun and exciting atmosphere. This isn't your garden-variety Octopus!

Suga Grits

Suga Grits is a power funk band based in Washington, DC

Adwela and the Uprising

A diverse 7 piece group brought together by the love to play music! VA and Jamaican natives bringing you funky roots reggae and soulful jams!

Giana Lynn

Giana Lynn began writing more serious songs after she entered high school (2008). She started writing serious compositions during her first year of college (2012). She has been a YouTuber since 2011. She began writing creatively (stories, poems, etc.) in 2006.
Giana took piano lessons for eight years - from ages six to fourteen. She is a self-taught vocalist and ukulele player. In 2014 she signed with Sandbox Music Productions and released her first EP "Gianre."


DigialDavy a DJ from Pennsylvania has garnered fans from his ability to move seamlessly from Nu-Disco into Deep House. Fun and danceable, fans and newcomers alike find themselves on the floor dancing any time he hits the stage. His tasteful blend of deep house beats and nu-disco flavor turns any party into a dance party. DigitalDavy has played with Bothers Past, members of Lotus, Archnemesis, The Manhattan Project, Mantis, Funkbot & the Love Explosion, Push, Charles B, FDR & the New Deal, amongst others. He also is well known for collaborations with drummer Scott Kapp from Funkbot & the Love Explosion, FDR & the New Deal, and Mantis.

Esoteric Experience

Esoteric Experience is a Louisville based Musicial Project created by musician Derek LaFountain that blurs the lines between Funk, Blues, Soul and EDM.


Rossdafareye’s best description of his music is “Appalachian Space Funk”. Reggae, Blues, Jazz,
Bluegrass, EDM, and other progressive and improvised styles influence his sound. The artists’ who sparked his desire to go about using a loop pedal with live instruments are Keller Williams, Zach Deputy, and DubFX. He has shared bills with Acts such as Dopapod, Railroad Earth, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, The Main Squeeze, Backup Planet, Arpetrio, Herobust, The Mike Dillon Band, and The Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band.

Jimi Holscher

Jackson Harem

With roots that spread from the Delta blues to Detroit pre-punk, this band plays like they've just been fucked over... and it apparently doesn't sit well with them. Motown rhythm that will suddenly tumble into L.A. spit paired with a jostling guitar strain that wanders between kitchen friendly and V.U. urgency and a vocal power blues thrust that will scrub your deepest secrets clean. Jackson Harem culls the basics of tribal righteousness and gritty tough with whiskey sippin' smile beat. 
-Automatic Slim

The Power

Once upon a mime...

Collateral Jamage

Deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains where state lines meet and cultures collide; there resides a band. Going by the name of “Collateral Jamage” they carry a brand of psychedelic blues rock that spreads an infectious and unique vibe that fills any room they’re put in! Formed in Kingsport, Tennessee by old friends and new, brought together by their love of performing and musical improvisation, this power trio brings the heat every single time they play. Led by fiery lead licks from guitarist Matt Mullins and an energetic rhythm section fronted by bassist Tyler Mullins and drummer Rodney Twyne, Collateral Jamage is a name not to be forgotten! 

MILO in the Doldrums

Milo in the Doldrums is an indie rock band hailing from the sandy beaches of northern VA. Tinged with melancholia and uplifted by a love of life, Milo in the Doldrums harnesses the power of music to overcome the despondency of the modern world… and, y’know, do stuff!

In 2015 Rob Mays began playing Milo songs solo at open mic events at Epicure Cafe in Fairfax, VA while also working with radical friends to record a self titled EP. Later that year he met a funky young drummer/bartender/ankle model named Danny Ortiz and Milo’s heartbeat was forged. Their first show ever, also at Epicure, became snowed out -which totally sucked! -but gave them a chance to start working with another Epicurean, open mic host and unprofessional go-go dancer Reis DeBruyne. With Reis on bass the band was now a thundering trio -and the snow was forced to melt. Despite killer early shows, something was still amiss. Cue Rob’s boss Richard Smith who inquired about joining this hot, sweaty, sometimes sticky band. After demonstrating his wizardry on guitar and promising not to fire Rob for burning the bananas (again?!) the band evolved (if you believe in that sort of thing) once more and Milo in the Doldrums officially became the tightest, sexiest, miracle of life you know and love today! After completing their first tour, Daniel Ortiz felt the marionette strings of life pulling him away to other musical shores, and peacefully left Milo in the spring of 2017. Luckily, Milo's good buddy Ryan Burke, an aggressively savage punk drum king pin, took the reigns to take Milo into a new era of rhythmic awesomeness!!!

Dr. Robinson's Fiasco

Formed in 2012, Dr Robinson's Fiasco is an Alt Rock Indie Pop band from the DC area. Their music features memorable guitar riffs and catchy vocal hooks fueled by unique and captivating lyrics. They have a tight rhythmic chemistry between members, which creates a relentless groove in their songs.

The Bottle Shop

The Bottle Shop is a three piece band that is comprised of the solo and collective works of Tanner Carlton, Sean Stanton, and Chris "Donk" Drerenberger based in Northern Virginia. The band was formed during the nights they were practicing at the front of the magazine that Tanner worked at right out of college. The Bottle Shop name was an ode to the songs they rehearsed, Tanner’s first EP, Back of a Bottle Shop. Now the band is playing songs from all three members of the trio including Sean Stanton’s solo project, The Fountain of Youth, and Chris “Donk” Drerenberger’s own written grooves.

The Magnum Opus


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