IX Announcements

Dearest Pink Moon Family,

We are so excited to see you all this September for #PinkMoonIX on Flint Rock Hollow Farm. Preparations for Pink Moon 2017 are well under way, and we're excited to welcome y'all back to Rock Camp once again. This year not only marks the 9th consecutive Pink Moon, but also our 5th wedding anniversary. It's going to be a truly special event and we hope you'll join us in the celebration.

For just shy of a decade we have put everything we have into making Pink Moon the best experience possible for everyone involved. Throwing any event, but especially a festival of this caliber is difficult and expensive. That being said, what we've created together is priceless and moving forward we want to honor what is truly magical about Pink Moon, YOU. The balance between making this the most meaningful experience we can, and keeping it going has been a challenge, and we are striving to find that equilibrium moving forward. So with that in mind, we will be taking a hiatus after #PinkMoon9 this September. Pink Moon 10 will return in September 2020 with all of the forethought, preparation, and resources we can muster.

We look forward to seeing you this September, and as much as possible going into the future.

Much Love,

SethJessica, & the Pink Moon Festival