The Art of the Physical Press Kit

We have a very particular protocol for booking the festivals we organize, and we've caught a lot of flack for it in the past. Yet we swear by it, and it all starts with the traditional and oft-forgotten Physical Press Kit.

If you are in an up and coming band hoping to get booked at a Pink Moon Presents event (including the Pink Moon Festival) we require the submission of a Physical Press Kit, and here's why:

First and foremost the Physical Press Kit is an industry standard. You should have or be able to put one together. Moreover, submitting a Physical Press Kit, in a world of electronic press kits (EPKs), shows us that you're willing to go the extra mile.

Physical Press Kits can also be customized in a way EPKs cannot. Some of the best press kits we've received have been amazingly graphically designed, hand drawn, painted, and embellished. We have also received stickers, t-shirts, albums, posters, and one band even sent us rolling papers with their name and art on them! Try doing that with an EPK! Keep in mind, sending a piece of merch does not guarantee you'll get booked, only your music can do that!!

Another example of a creative press kit that worked - the band GNOSiS submitted a fantastic press kit to us (including a wonderful EP and hand-cut sticker) in a beautifully hand painted envelope, and we was so impressed with their music and effort we booked them for Pink Moon 6, and again for Pink Moon 7!

This doesn't mean your press kit has to be some elaborate piece of art, as long as it represents your art well! Here's what your Physical Press Kit MUST include:

  1. CD/Demo - this is the most important part, make sure it's a high quality recording!

  2. A cover letter - why do you want to be booked at my event? What's your mission statement/sale pitch/hook?

  3. Artist Biography (keep it brief but include enough factual information about your act to be able to base and article or review on)

  4. A high quality picture of the band, or two!

  5. Upcoming (and most recent) tour dates (if available)

  6. PRESS!!! Reviews, interviews, quotes, etc

  7. Contact Information!! Don't forget this one!!

Once you've got your materials together, slip them neatly into a clean folder and/or envelope and mail it to us to be considered for the Pink Moon Festival, or one of our other events! Here's the address, by the way:


Pink Moon Presents

c/o Seth & Jessica Abramson

RR 1 Box 137

Rock Camp, WV 24951


Once we receive a press kit in our mailbox, here's what happens:

We open the press kit, take the CD out, pop it in the player, and then we peruse all included materials as we listen to the CD.

Sometimes we decide right away that an artist is the perfect fit for our event, in which case we contact the band and, voila, book them! Other times it takes a little while to make a decision.

We never throw away the Physical Press Kits we receive. First, we upload the CD to iTunes, specifically to a playlist called "Press Kits" - then we'll put the entire press kit into a file cabinet. We listen to that "Press Kits" playlist on shuffle while we clean the house, work on our computers, while on roadtrips, or whatever - and if we find ourselves jammin' to a particular tune, we pull out that press kit and give it a second look. We really like to "live" with the music, and believe that everyone's art deserves a second or third listen, at least!

So there you have it. That's why we ONLY accept Physical Press Kits, and what to include in a press kit for us. Other instructions on how to put together a Physical Press Kit will be more formal, and you can certainly google industry standard press kits. But this is our take on it. For more information feel free to shoot us an email at

But we'll probably just tell you to send us a press kit.

- Seth, Jessica, & Pink Moon Presents